Jeff Bouton

Enter the World of Digiscoping With Jeff Bouton and Clay Taylor (Wednesday 1-3 PM)

Jeff Bouton began birding at the age of 16 in upstate NY along the south shore of Lake Ontario. A reluctant photographer and always a birder first, Jeff carried his spotting scope everywhere, so digiscpoing was naturally of great interest from the VERY beginning. He still recalls his first view through a spotting scope, thinking, “Man I wish I could get a picture of that!” Now, many years later he can and does capture images through the scopes regularly. He likes to keep it sleek and simple shooting from the hip with his mobile phone. At first his digiscoping was borne out of desperation, needing to document that rare sighting, but after literally dozens of images published he realizes digiscoping can beget amazing results as well. His favorite comment is, “there’s no way you took that image with your phone through a spotting scope.” Sure, it’s a judgmental shot to the credibility, BUT it’s also an opportunity to educate and prove it can be done. Jeff loves teaching people how to be more effective at digiscoping through their spotting scopes