Brooke Poplin

Brooke Poplin is a graduate student at UNT currently pursuing her Biology M.S. She will co-lead the study on the social behavior of Harris’s Hawks which entails using VHF radio telemetry in conjunction with direct behavioral observations on social groups. Brooke has been interested in ornithology since her early undergrad program and participated in an American Kestrel behavioral study and field research on the breeding ecology of the Painted Bunting. Beginning in the senior year of Brooke’s undergraduate program, her passion for raptors was ignited when she participated in a Red-tailed Hawk genetics project in addition to helping band American Kestrels in Denton County, Texas. Her ultimate career goal is to become a raptor biologist, one day becoming a professor to help inspire diversity and accessibility in the world of ecology. When Brooke is not pursuing her research interests, she loves to go hiking with her dog Axyl and expanding her “life list” by birding in new places.