Bill Clark

Raptors of the Rio Grande Valley (Thursday 3:30-5 PM)

William S. (Bill) Clark is a photographer, author, researcher, and lecturer and has over 50 years experience working with birds of prey, including 5 years as Director of NWFs Raptor Information Center. He has published numerous articles on raptor subjects; has traveled extensively world-wide studying, observing and photographing raptors; and regularly led raptor and birding tours and workshops, both home and abroad, with Raptours, which is now being run by his colleague, Sergio Seipke. Bill is on the board of directors.

He has been living in the Rio Grande Valley since 2002. He regularly teaches evening and weekend courses on raptor field identification and biology and frequently presents lectures on raptor subjects.

Bill has written a raptor field guide for Europe, another for Mexico and Central America and yet another for Africa. He is a coauthor of the Photographic Guide to North American Raptors and the completely revised Peterson series guide, Hawks.

He has on-going research projects on Harlan’s Hawk, White-tailed Hawk and Harris’s Hawk.

To download pdfs of one or more of the four draft presentations on his work on Harlan’s Hawk, go to: Scroll down to ‘Publications’ and click on ‘pdf’ after one of the four titles. All publications follow.

Some of his later papers deal with raptor taxonomy. Bill has a personal goal to see and photograph all the world’s diurnal raptor